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Gwen Herb,
Speaker, Author,
Certified Laughter Leader

Gwen has developed a speaking program, "Looking Good and Feeling Great at any Age!"

Gwen's speeches give her audiences ideas to improve the quality of their lives through healthy diet and fitness routines. Gwen She emphasizes life-saving prevention and precautions before problems arise. Her speeches entertain with amusing anecdotes from her life. Her audiences obtain many ideas to improve the quality of their lives. She has had exciting careers as a member of the U.S. Air Force, a flight attendant, travel agent, real estate broker, as well as careers in fashion and world travel, prior to becoming a national speaker.

Gwen also volunteers as a speaker for organizations to promote their needs and the needs of their members. These include the speakers bureau of the American Health Association, and the American Cancer Society on nutrition and physical activity for cancer prevention, as well as on colon and rectum cancer prevention and detection. The other organization Gwen supports and speaks for (having had osteopenia and reversed her condition) is the National Osteoporosis Foundation.

Gwen is a member of the Florida Speakers Association and the National Speakers Association, as well as Toastmasters International, of which she is an Advanced Silver member.

She volunteers with her therapy dogs, Mandy and Annie, visiting wellness centers. She is also a volunteer for the American Health Association "Santa Cause I Love You"Campaign, delivering teddy bears, dolls and stuffed animals during the holidays.

Gwen is a Certified Laughter Leader and a member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor.

She is a co-author of a new book, with Deepak Chopra among others, entitled A Healthier You! and has a new book Looking Good And Feeling Great At Any Age! published in 2008.

Life has a purpose! Gwen has followed her passion on living a healthy lifestyle and enjoys sharing her knowledge to help others do the same.



Gwen Herb
Health & Wellness Speaker

Gwen Herb Health and Wellness Speaker Boca Raton Florida


Deepak Choprah
Gwen with Deepak Choprah, world renowned author and speaker, co-author of A HEALTHIER YOU!


Certified Laughter Tour
Gwen becomes a Certified Laughter Leader
She is pictured here with Steve Wilson,
President of World Laughter Tour


World Laughter Tour Award
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